Hollinwood signal box was an all timber box built by the L&Y railway co in 1913 & fitted with a 48 lever L&Y frame mounted in the front of the box.
The box was located at the Oldham end of the up platform & directly adjacent to the under-bridge which allowed the railway to pass over Bower Lane
Towards the end of its life the box was only open on a split shift basis to break up the block section during the morning & evening rush hour peaks in traffic.
The method of operation was “absolute block”to Oldham mumps in the Oldham direction & to thorpes bridge junction in the Manchester direction,the signal box at Hollinwood retained its vintage L&YR wooden block instruments right up to its closure.
Hollinwood signal box closed on the 26th JUNE 1994 & the site cleared to allow a 38 metre span bridge to be slid into place that would eventually carry the railway over bower lane & part of the M60 (Manchester orbital motorway)
The station platforms were also moved slightly closer towards Manchester to allow the new bridge to be accommodated.

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